Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chapter 11: Expansion

As the billions of people in the developing world slowly improve their living standards the globe will be stressed to provide the resources for all of them to continue to maintain electrical grids, sewage, public transportation and other infrastructures. Most of this limited and very slow expansion is taking place in India and China. Some in Pakistan and some in South American countries. It's occurring globally and as it occurs resources will be stressed. While the west crumbles the rest of the world prospers.

As resources dwindle and the elite's power base in energy diminishes and then vanishes the herd mentality will be experiencing dramatic revelations that will inevitably ignite a firestorm of desperately needed change. While 2010 may signal the very beginning of the beginning of a revolution we may have to wait until 2050 or even longer for a fully aware public to begin the process of implementing that desperately needed government overhaul.

Expansion means eventual resource depletion since all of our earthly resources are finite. Man is the only animal in the kingdom capable of exterminating himself through resource depletion and even evolution can't keep pace with the rate at which we deplete the planets resources. We won't evolve beyond our frivolous use of the planets riches.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chapter 10: The "News"

The news today, any channel, any station, is so severely biased that it borders on propaganda and, well, it probably is to a great degree.

How ANYONE can watch television and consider themselves well educated regarding global events is just beyond me.

In fact, Newsweek, Time and ALL of the printed media in the United States works as the mouthpiece of the global corporate/military/banking complex. Finding the real news requires an internet connection but it requires more. It requires the desire to know and the willingness to devote the time necessary to read through the garbage and find the bits of truth in the minefield of lies.

Even when the news presents itself locally, the good and the bad, unforgettable crimes and do-gooders that make you smile, it still presents a biased perception of what our society is composed of and leaves the viewer bombarded constantly with fallacious, flawed and groundless concepts of the world we inhabit.

Here's the news; if you still watch television, ever, you're wasting valuable time.

Knowledge is gained by reading and the media presents nothing less than subtle but powerful propaganda. Select your sources carefully and look for several writers of diverse backgrounds with wide ranging ages espousing similar views.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Chapter 9: Globalization - It's All In Their Mines

The word globalization, used to describe what we're told it means, is a scam.

It's a ruse to allow the filthy rich to complete their total control of the dwindling resources, which includes both natural and human resources, on a completely global scale. Natural resources are slowly declining while human needs skyrocket.

There isn't enough wood on the planet to allow China, Africa and India to implement US living standards population-wide.
There isn't enough copper to allow for global populations to have what average Americans, those that aren't homeless, have.
There isn't enough oil, aluminum, tin, nickel, uranium, silver, lead and zinc to provide 21st century living standards to everyone on the globe even now and in 50 years the circumstances will be dramatically worse.
It's likely that eventually there may not be enough arable land.
Eventually there won't be enough land based potable water for all of us.
But most importantly, there isn't enough riches for the elite to share the spoils with the masses.

There are only 300 million of us here in the US but our own existence, the precious American lifestyle as predicted far into the future may be at stake based on the shortages of base materials that is certain to occur sometime in the future though perhaps not within the lifetime of those reading here.

Globalization is the process by which the elite acquire the planets remaining resources in wars, by military means, but also in economic wars which can be even more devastating. America is not the information society she thinks she is and these wars are kept well away from public scrutiny and any meaningful public debate.

Running Out Doesn't Mean Running Out

The increase in prices related to scarcity will mean some materials simply won't be available to the average person; we won't run out but distribution and use will be carefully monitored and controlled due to scarcity. Perhaps petroleum products will be available to government and military personnel while the average citizen has an allotted monthly ration leaving she or he with enough petroleum to make a trip or two to the market while using public transportation for all other excursions each and every week. Whatever the system that society chooses to establish at those points well into the future, one can be certain that affluence will play a large part in determining resource distribution and public access.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chapter 8: A Culture Of Entropy

We have been taught that our universe operates on entropy. All resources are finite. While some resources may actually be finite, man-made resources such as food and health care are not finite at all. Money or financial resources are also not finite.

We are being conditioned to understand that health care needs to be logically rationed, expenses need to be cut. Education, Social Security, Medicare and Government social services need to experience budgetary cuts. Costs to administer police forces, libraries and spending on senior services and the disabled needs to be reigned in.

People have accepted the idea of an entropic world view, which says there are limited resources, limited space, overpopulation, and the need for rationing of health care. All of this is the essence of fascist ideology. The real laws of the universe are anti-entropic.

But 12 trillion dollars for the banks was found. And the money to support continued Imperialism or the war on terror will always be forthcoming.

We are being fully programmed and persuaded to fall in line like little soldiers and accept whatever few crumbs the elite decide to allow us.

Society has accepted entropy.

Chapter 7: The Big Secret

What if Matt Savinar, Paul Chefurka, Paul Kingsnorth, James Howard Kunstler and George Monbiot are right?

Matt Savinar has been quoted in the U.S. House of Representatives by members of the Congressional Peak Oil Caucus, like Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett from Maryland. He's been name-checked in Fortune magazine in a recent profile of one of Bush's billionaire buddies, who claims to have read Savinar's site every day since last September, and is keeping $500 million of his fortune in cash just in case Savinar and other peak oil doomsayers, like James Howard Kunstler, are right.

What if there is no replacement for oil?

Scientists don't deny it's coming. The only question is when. Some geologists say we're already on the downslope while others put the peak at around mid-century. Regardless, thousands of people of various professions aren't waiting for the exact date of the bad news to be pinned down. They've seen the polemical documentary "The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream," shown at countless house parties, community centers and city halls across the country.

To David Fridley, a scientist who works on energy efficiency at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and who worked in the oil industry for 15 years, the increasing concern about peak oil tells us a lot about the shape of people's assumptions. "Those who come from an environmental point of view see peak oil as an opportunity to disrupt the never-ending growth of our reliance of fossil fuels," he says. "Then there are those who see our ultra-consumerist society as flawed, and peak oil is the disruption that will bring an end to that. Then there are the people who believe technology can save us, who are delving more into what solar and water power can do."

All trying to get a bead on the future at once.

As the geopolitical and economic dominoes start to fall in the wake of climbing oil prices, as food prices increase and energy prices are beyond our grasp, that stream of cars and trucks we see plying the highways every day will falter, if not actually stop, altogether. It takes 10 calories of fossil-fuel inputs for fertilizers, pesticides, farm equipment and transportation from natural gas, oil and coal to produce one calorie of food on the table.

How do you reengineer society to go backward? How do you carve up container ships and turn them into sailboats? We can't go back to steam engines burning wood because we burned all that wood when we were clearing the fields for farms. And even going back to beasts of burden, using the muscle power of horses for transportation, isn't straightforward, not when horses and people are competing for local, arable land and scarce reserves of food.

If governments know about Peak Oil and if Peak Oil predictions are correct and there is no solution other than for most of society to power down, what will that look like?

Oil wars in the Caucuses, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan? Global financial instability? Huge transfers of wealth from the middle class to the rich before the producing economy winds down? Workers rights undermined, weakened and even reversed. Food riots and human rights riots globally. The militarization of national police forces? All examples of dwindling resources?

The fact is, though, the Cassandras of peak oil are not all wearing fleece and Birkenstocks, and using peak oil as a convenient reason to rekindle back-to-the-land fantasies. They are geologists and energy experts in governments, universities and think tanks. And many of them echo the core conviction of the activists: Oil-drunk America has to go on the wagon or it will soon be heading into a dauntingly thirsty future.

Even strategic advisors to the Bush administration's Department of Energy believe it would take a good 20 years and trillions of dollars of investment in infrastructure for the nation to avoid liquid fuel shortages, when peak passes. A 91-page report released in February 2005 by Science Applications International Corp. played out three scenarios for the Department of Energy. Titled "Peaking of World Oil Production: Impacts, Mitigation and Risk Management," it's come to be known as the Hirsch report, after one of its authors. Those three scenarios: Wait until the peak occurs to transition to other fuels, plan for the transition a decade in advance, plan for the transition 20 years in advance. In the first case, they predict significant fuel shortages globally and economic upheaval. Only in the third scenario do the report's writers conclude that major liquid fuel shortages could be avoided.

In a few years or perhaps as many as 10 or 20 years we may see oil go to $8 or $10 and even $20 or $30 a gallon or more. What happens then?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chapter 6: Divide And Conquer

They key to success.

Abortion, religion, drug legalization, animal cruelty, homelessness and mental illness, immigration, corporate malfeasance, banking irregularities, retirement, education, health care, the right, the left, conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats; all designed to divide the public and to obfuscate the real issues in order to perpetuate the capitalist system.

All the various forms of government that human beings have devised pursue the same goals of power and the same vast monolithic gap divides the rich from the poor given enough time on the evolutionary scale. Statistics prove that in all likelihood those born to poor families remain poor. It takes generations to escape poverty and there are no guarantees of escape.

The population remains divided along lines drawn against every one of our societies political and social questions. The convictions of the populace surrounding political and social constructs create and nurture animosity and racism.

The people fight amongst themselves over inconsequential non-issues that have no life threatening aspects while the ruling elite usurp resources, pollute the environment, foment war and continue to increase the earnings gap.

Maintaining issues such as abortion, war, race, religion, wages, finance and immigration in the forefront of the political arena helps to prevent significantly proportioned societies from attaining a cohesive relationship and forming effective social movements designed to address their actual needs.

Societies inevitably evolve and as we evolve we are kept separated by issues spearheaded by a complicit media and we are continually and constantly overwhelmed with personal responsibility such that our desire to affect the world around us is stifled and to avoid frustration we assert ourselves diligently within our own personal spheres and avoid the outside world.

We have been divided and we are conquered.

Chapter 5: Recognizing Helplessness

Human beings fear the state in the 21st century. It's being purposely designed that way.

The media outlets are continually plastered with shootings, robberies and car chases.
The wars rage in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan with daily body counts.
The economic crisis is affecting almost everyone.
The health care crisis is pitting Americans against one another.
Homeland security is questionable, whether the terrorists might be domestic or foreign.
The swine flu fire smolders in the background.
Wars rage on.

With the combination of personal responsibility, propagandized and continual media bombardment and distracting factors such as those listed above American society doesn't have the needed focus to observe their condition from a position that allows vision with clarity.

People are so overwhelmed that explaining the popularity of reality shows and American Idol-like fare presents no difficulty.

Personal responsibility refers to career responsibilities, relationships with friends and family that require time, acquiring food and shelter, raising children and attending to their needs, entertainment and leisure for the sake of sanity and everything else that combines to provide for what we are led to believe will amount to a full life.

Media bombardment of course is all of the elements of product and/or news advertising or promotion. The total daily news aggregate accounts for an infinitely small portion of the actual events occurring politically, in business and as regards crime in any given society. It is a trivialized, homogenized and pasteurized version of reality promoted by a self-serving and symbiotic/synergistic relationship between the media corporate giants and their media machinery, the prevailing government and the banking/corporate elite.

The Iraqi National Congress was a media ploy, developed by a marketing company in a conference room. The public perception of the entire war in Iraq was developed by a marketing firm employed by the US government.

The unbiased retired American international specialists foisted on the public as television news pundits for the Iraq war were actually retired 5 star generals with their hands dug deep into the military/industrial complex who then profited immensely from their relationships with the government grifters that populate the corporate shadows of the military machine waging war. Wars are fought in the media, at home, for profit alone.

The vast reserves of petroleum and the billions of dollars involved in drug production that the Taliban virtually eliminated have nothing to do with American military aggression.

The history of the destruction of the USS Liberty, a lie whose truths come to light only periodically and not fully until now, 35 years after the fact, allows for perceptions to be manufactured. After generations of human evolution even the deaths of 34 American sailors loses it's political value with the populace. A significant percentage of the American voting public weren't even born when the Liberty was attacked and the prevailing government led by Lyndon Johnson covered the story and swept it well under the rug where it remained simmering for decades barely coming alive at a time when there are so many other distractions that it's significance is severely diluted, as was planned by the powers that be.

For the average American, raising and educating children, toiling to support a lifestyle that requires a minimum of 40 hours weekly for simple sustenance, faithfully maintaining relationships with extended family and friends and providing for short intervals of leisure time to recover, these global events become a serious distraction over time for most and the learned apathy is the simple recognition of helplessness.

It's simply a matter of priorities. Few people can afford to fight the worlds battles when they're consumed by fighting their own.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chapter 4: Synergy and Symbiosis

The elite, the owners of banks and mega-corporations and the political/military machine, have a symbiotic relationship in the 21st century unlike any they've ever before shared in history. There's a synergy that exists between them as a result and that synergy produces and generates consequences on global societies far greater than their individual effects might otherwise have.

Entire histories are being altered in Iraq and Afghanistan and those alterations, those fallacies, will exist long past those that actually lived the events and knew the realities of them.

The world is turned upside down by these symbiotic and synergistic relationships and democratically elected governments are overthrown and those responsible for genocide, torture and mass murder walk free.

The history of the US and the trillions of dollars transferred to the elite is viewed as a necessary construct while real human beings lose their homes, experience homelessness, health disasters and severe illnesses that bring death.

The long arm of the Police State grows as rights and responsibilities are abrogated to a Big Brother who's grown into an enormous patriarchal family of related caretakers whose obligation to the herd is repudiated for personal gain and material enrichment.

When the inmates are making the rules, when the Psychopaths are charged with babysitting the flock, the herd fears the consequences.

Chapter 3: The Connection To Power

The word 'power' has a variety of definitions in the average English dictionary. Throughout those definitions there are certain characterizations of the word which provide the basis for the belief that Sociopaths, Psychopaths and those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder,(NPD) have gravitated to positions of power globally over 1000s of years of human evolution.

Power is described as, the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events, political or social authority or control, authority in the context of businesses, cities and states, or a supernatural being or force. Power is what people with the above character disorders strive for and over 1000s of years we've allowed ourselves to be deceived, our world turned upside down and inside out where war and the death of millions is accepted while millions more starve and die lacking simple medical care and where those in power are no longer sane.

There is simply no other justification, none, for the money spent and accumulated on global speculation and the entire global military and the entire global political machinery combined. Money wasted at every junction of civilized humanity and destruction and death the only thing most will have to claim for once having lived.

How can civilized humanity accept millions of people dying every year as a result of war, famine and the mere happenstance occurrence of having been born poor in a poor country?

We've been swindled by the politicians and their vacant promises, the corporations and there complicit media and by those who planned it all, the bankers.

It doesn't matter whether a society is Socialist, Democratic, Fascist, Communist, Marxist, Religious or even a Dictatorship with Totalitarian rule. Every government ever conceived by humanity, over the course of its life, has the same pattern of historic proportions. They all, over time, enrich the few at the expense of the many and they all end up as classless, stateless societies in which a very few connected elite manage the herd and with 2010 fast approaching, yes, we are being managed.

The inmates have taken charge not just of the hospital my friends, they manage the whole frickin' planet, all the wards, all the rooms and all of the people that populate the planet and I promise, they don't want to abdicate power.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chapter 2: The Psychopaths and Sociopaths

"The challenge is not how to shore up a crumbling empire with wave machines and global summits, but to start thinking about how we are going to live through its fall, and what we can learn from its collapse."
Paul Kingsnorth

When empires fall Sociopaths and Psychopaths take charge. Over the last 1,000 years the population of the elite has grown enormously together with their wealth and this population that is viewed as stable and capable is actually made up entirely of mental defectives, Psychopaths and Sociopaths.

The elite have severe mental disorders.

This fact alone is entirely responsible for all wars, but especially those occurring in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. It is responsible for the millions of poor, starving adults and children across the globe who are dying daily for lack of food and it is responsible for the same millions of deaths each year that are caused by the lack of basic medical care.

This state of mental affairs which afflicts the elite and those that aspire to politics in the 21st century is responsible for millions upon millions of deaths in this century alone. There is no remorse and no empathy from those afflicted. People are not living, breathing, thinking, loving beings, they're cattle. The herd is just that, the herd; a group of docile, pliable animals with little or no monetary value whose sole purpose is to either slave for the machine or provide and train new slaves for the machine.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chapter 1: The Idea Of It All

If one could prove that it's all a facade, beyond any doubt whatsoever such that no other person anywhere could deny the facts and if one could then convince everyone else that their truths were distorted, that which they had believed for many years, a lifetime, was nothing but extremely well crafted propaganda, well, really now, one probably can't do that, can they?

With the growth or what I prefer to call the evolution of mankind comes a startling discovery that seems to resonate across borders and boundaries with populations everywhere in this 21st Century, especially with the Swine Flu falling on the heals of a Financial Scam by the rich which entailed stealing from the poor and middle classes which followed the non-Declaration of eternal war for resources which was preceded by the events of 9/11. The discovery that the truth is distorted for the commoners, that the mainstream media is complicit and that money and power control nations for profit alone, the revelation that the politicians are in it purely for the complete security that power brings in all of its manifestations and individual human needs are of no concern, the recognition that the global elite have agendas that don't include us and are capable of achieving those goals, the unfortunate fact that crime pays and a few politicians and executives are caught but almost all criminals of that caliber are able to get away with their crimes, the sad realization that species of plants and living creatures go extinct every day while we continue to ravage and pollute the planet for more and more natural resources, the understanding that we're human; This discovery can be overwhelming at times.

Today there are wars on almost every continent except North America. That sounds about right, right? Except that the truth is that there have been wars on almost every continent for more than 1,000 years and there were genocides of the most gross and blatant type even here in North America. They continue unabated today. The difference here in the 21st Century, and we did a fabulous job in the 20th Century too, is that the United States and it's allies (Israel and the UK amongst the closest) are pulling the strings on the surface while the bankers and the owners of the multinationals are cleaning up and coordinating global events.

Yes, there is an elite and yes, they are capable of coordinating many events on a global scale. Perhaps not everything but quite a large share of the global events that take place; and I'm talking about events that are occurring on a massive scale, many multi-millions and many billions of dollars are changing hands over many years, are all controlled by less than 1,000 people. Heads of state and heads of the major global corporations.

What's even worse is that these same people distort history.

The USS Liberty, Mossadegh, Polios connection to DDT and other neurotoxins, 9/11, the Financial Theft in America, the sale of Merril Lynch, Enron, Iran/Contra, the GM bankruptcy, Madoff, the tragic slaughter of the American Indians, Rumsfelds declaration of the loss of 2 trillion dollars, American torture, the CIA connection to drugs, police brutality, Kennedy's death, Martin Luther King's death, the Patriot Act and others, war, all of these things and so many more have their realities suppressed, altered or processed for acceptance by an apathetic public.

You see, after spending the better part of the day slaving away at a mundane task, or even worse, at a task requiring your full attention, and then after devoting time to the needs of the living; things like cooking, cleaning, child rearing, shopping and time with family and friends, there just isn't much time left to perform the due diligence required, the hard research to locate the few truths in the minefield of lies, in order to form a well rounded opinion on anything.

The surface information, that which is most accessible, the colorful mainstream media messages paint a picture that's pro-government regardless of who happens to be governing at the moment and the historic record reflects this. The truths are distorted and few notice, at least not enough to make any difference in the scheme of things.

Black is white and white is black in this world. A nation that can find BILLIONS of dollars a year to fight perpetual and multiple wars in foreign countries and can't solve its own problems at home is a sad testament to the nature of society today. There are millions of homeless, jobless, sick and futureless people right here in this country now. There are sick and hungry homeless children who never asked for more than shelter and sustenance and there are elderly people who've lost their life savings and are facing working past 70 and even more. There are all sorts of stories in between. What we value as a society, or at least what the fittest seem to value most, is power and money at the expense of everything else.

These chapters are a window into reality.