Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chapter 6: Divide And Conquer

They key to success.

Abortion, religion, drug legalization, animal cruelty, homelessness and mental illness, immigration, corporate malfeasance, banking irregularities, retirement, education, health care, the right, the left, conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats; all designed to divide the public and to obfuscate the real issues in order to perpetuate the capitalist system.

All the various forms of government that human beings have devised pursue the same goals of power and the same vast monolithic gap divides the rich from the poor given enough time on the evolutionary scale. Statistics prove that in all likelihood those born to poor families remain poor. It takes generations to escape poverty and there are no guarantees of escape.

The population remains divided along lines drawn against every one of our societies political and social questions. The convictions of the populace surrounding political and social constructs create and nurture animosity and racism.

The people fight amongst themselves over inconsequential non-issues that have no life threatening aspects while the ruling elite usurp resources, pollute the environment, foment war and continue to increase the earnings gap.

Maintaining issues such as abortion, war, race, religion, wages, finance and immigration in the forefront of the political arena helps to prevent significantly proportioned societies from attaining a cohesive relationship and forming effective social movements designed to address their actual needs.

Societies inevitably evolve and as we evolve we are kept separated by issues spearheaded by a complicit media and we are continually and constantly overwhelmed with personal responsibility such that our desire to affect the world around us is stifled and to avoid frustration we assert ourselves diligently within our own personal spheres and avoid the outside world.

We have been divided and we are conquered.

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