Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chapter 10: The "News"

The news today, any channel, any station, is so severely biased that it borders on propaganda and, well, it probably is to a great degree.

How ANYONE can watch television and consider themselves well educated regarding global events is just beyond me.

In fact, Newsweek, Time and ALL of the printed media in the United States works as the mouthpiece of the global corporate/military/banking complex. Finding the real news requires an internet connection but it requires more. It requires the desire to know and the willingness to devote the time necessary to read through the garbage and find the bits of truth in the minefield of lies.

Even when the news presents itself locally, the good and the bad, unforgettable crimes and do-gooders that make you smile, it still presents a biased perception of what our society is composed of and leaves the viewer bombarded constantly with fallacious, flawed and groundless concepts of the world we inhabit.

Here's the news; if you still watch television, ever, you're wasting valuable time.

Knowledge is gained by reading and the media presents nothing less than subtle but powerful propaganda. Select your sources carefully and look for several writers of diverse backgrounds with wide ranging ages espousing similar views.

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