Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chapter 5: Recognizing Helplessness

Human beings fear the state in the 21st century. It's being purposely designed that way.

The media outlets are continually plastered with shootings, robberies and car chases.
The wars rage in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan with daily body counts.
The economic crisis is affecting almost everyone.
The health care crisis is pitting Americans against one another.
Homeland security is questionable, whether the terrorists might be domestic or foreign.
The swine flu fire smolders in the background.
Wars rage on.

With the combination of personal responsibility, propagandized and continual media bombardment and distracting factors such as those listed above American society doesn't have the needed focus to observe their condition from a position that allows vision with clarity.

People are so overwhelmed that explaining the popularity of reality shows and American Idol-like fare presents no difficulty.

Personal responsibility refers to career responsibilities, relationships with friends and family that require time, acquiring food and shelter, raising children and attending to their needs, entertainment and leisure for the sake of sanity and everything else that combines to provide for what we are led to believe will amount to a full life.

Media bombardment of course is all of the elements of product and/or news advertising or promotion. The total daily news aggregate accounts for an infinitely small portion of the actual events occurring politically, in business and as regards crime in any given society. It is a trivialized, homogenized and pasteurized version of reality promoted by a self-serving and symbiotic/synergistic relationship between the media corporate giants and their media machinery, the prevailing government and the banking/corporate elite.

The Iraqi National Congress was a media ploy, developed by a marketing company in a conference room. The public perception of the entire war in Iraq was developed by a marketing firm employed by the US government.

The unbiased retired American international specialists foisted on the public as television news pundits for the Iraq war were actually retired 5 star generals with their hands dug deep into the military/industrial complex who then profited immensely from their relationships with the government grifters that populate the corporate shadows of the military machine waging war. Wars are fought in the media, at home, for profit alone.

The vast reserves of petroleum and the billions of dollars involved in drug production that the Taliban virtually eliminated have nothing to do with American military aggression.

The history of the destruction of the USS Liberty, a lie whose truths come to light only periodically and not fully until now, 35 years after the fact, allows for perceptions to be manufactured. After generations of human evolution even the deaths of 34 American sailors loses it's political value with the populace. A significant percentage of the American voting public weren't even born when the Liberty was attacked and the prevailing government led by Lyndon Johnson covered the story and swept it well under the rug where it remained simmering for decades barely coming alive at a time when there are so many other distractions that it's significance is severely diluted, as was planned by the powers that be.

For the average American, raising and educating children, toiling to support a lifestyle that requires a minimum of 40 hours weekly for simple sustenance, faithfully maintaining relationships with extended family and friends and providing for short intervals of leisure time to recover, these global events become a serious distraction over time for most and the learned apathy is the simple recognition of helplessness.

It's simply a matter of priorities. Few people can afford to fight the worlds battles when they're consumed by fighting their own.

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