Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chapter 4: Synergy and Symbiosis

The elite, the owners of banks and mega-corporations and the political/military machine, have a symbiotic relationship in the 21st century unlike any they've ever before shared in history. There's a synergy that exists between them as a result and that synergy produces and generates consequences on global societies far greater than their individual effects might otherwise have.

Entire histories are being altered in Iraq and Afghanistan and those alterations, those fallacies, will exist long past those that actually lived the events and knew the realities of them.

The world is turned upside down by these symbiotic and synergistic relationships and democratically elected governments are overthrown and those responsible for genocide, torture and mass murder walk free.

The history of the US and the trillions of dollars transferred to the elite is viewed as a necessary construct while real human beings lose their homes, experience homelessness, health disasters and severe illnesses that bring death.

The long arm of the Police State grows as rights and responsibilities are abrogated to a Big Brother who's grown into an enormous patriarchal family of related caretakers whose obligation to the herd is repudiated for personal gain and material enrichment.

When the inmates are making the rules, when the Psychopaths are charged with babysitting the flock, the herd fears the consequences.

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