Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chapter 1: The Idea Of It All

If one could prove that it's all a facade, beyond any doubt whatsoever such that no other person anywhere could deny the facts and if one could then convince everyone else that their truths were distorted, that which they had believed for many years, a lifetime, was nothing but extremely well crafted propaganda, well, really now, one probably can't do that, can they?

With the growth or what I prefer to call the evolution of mankind comes a startling discovery that seems to resonate across borders and boundaries with populations everywhere in this 21st Century, especially with the Swine Flu falling on the heals of a Financial Scam by the rich which entailed stealing from the poor and middle classes which followed the non-Declaration of eternal war for resources which was preceded by the events of 9/11. The discovery that the truth is distorted for the commoners, that the mainstream media is complicit and that money and power control nations for profit alone, the revelation that the politicians are in it purely for the complete security that power brings in all of its manifestations and individual human needs are of no concern, the recognition that the global elite have agendas that don't include us and are capable of achieving those goals, the unfortunate fact that crime pays and a few politicians and executives are caught but almost all criminals of that caliber are able to get away with their crimes, the sad realization that species of plants and living creatures go extinct every day while we continue to ravage and pollute the planet for more and more natural resources, the understanding that we're human; This discovery can be overwhelming at times.

Today there are wars on almost every continent except North America. That sounds about right, right? Except that the truth is that there have been wars on almost every continent for more than 1,000 years and there were genocides of the most gross and blatant type even here in North America. They continue unabated today. The difference here in the 21st Century, and we did a fabulous job in the 20th Century too, is that the United States and it's allies (Israel and the UK amongst the closest) are pulling the strings on the surface while the bankers and the owners of the multinationals are cleaning up and coordinating global events.

Yes, there is an elite and yes, they are capable of coordinating many events on a global scale. Perhaps not everything but quite a large share of the global events that take place; and I'm talking about events that are occurring on a massive scale, many multi-millions and many billions of dollars are changing hands over many years, are all controlled by less than 1,000 people. Heads of state and heads of the major global corporations.

What's even worse is that these same people distort history.

The USS Liberty, Mossadegh, Polios connection to DDT and other neurotoxins, 9/11, the Financial Theft in America, the sale of Merril Lynch, Enron, Iran/Contra, the GM bankruptcy, Madoff, the tragic slaughter of the American Indians, Rumsfelds declaration of the loss of 2 trillion dollars, American torture, the CIA connection to drugs, police brutality, Kennedy's death, Martin Luther King's death, the Patriot Act and others, war, all of these things and so many more have their realities suppressed, altered or processed for acceptance by an apathetic public.

You see, after spending the better part of the day slaving away at a mundane task, or even worse, at a task requiring your full attention, and then after devoting time to the needs of the living; things like cooking, cleaning, child rearing, shopping and time with family and friends, there just isn't much time left to perform the due diligence required, the hard research to locate the few truths in the minefield of lies, in order to form a well rounded opinion on anything.

The surface information, that which is most accessible, the colorful mainstream media messages paint a picture that's pro-government regardless of who happens to be governing at the moment and the historic record reflects this. The truths are distorted and few notice, at least not enough to make any difference in the scheme of things.

Black is white and white is black in this world. A nation that can find BILLIONS of dollars a year to fight perpetual and multiple wars in foreign countries and can't solve its own problems at home is a sad testament to the nature of society today. There are millions of homeless, jobless, sick and futureless people right here in this country now. There are sick and hungry homeless children who never asked for more than shelter and sustenance and there are elderly people who've lost their life savings and are facing working past 70 and even more. There are all sorts of stories in between. What we value as a society, or at least what the fittest seem to value most, is power and money at the expense of everything else.

These chapters are a window into reality.

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