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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chapter 13: World War 3

I used to think it wouldn't happen in my lifetime. Then I looked around and realized it's been happening throughout my lifetime.

It's an insidious war unlike all previous wars. it isn't seen, it isn't heard, it isn't felt. The war is called Autogenocide and we are the enemy, ALL of us.

Combining food additives, environmental chemical toxins, depleted uranium, military detritus, industrial waste and pollution and everything considered waste that 21st Century Capitalism produces, they are at war with us. And I'll tell you, we're losing.

Americans are clueless. Today Dr. Scott Ruben, an ex-Pfizer Pharmaceuticals researcher plead guilty to faking dozens of research studies that were placed in peer reviewed medical journals in support of pharmaceuticals developed by Pfizer and approved by the FDA. Ten scientific papers and 21 articles that we know of were fraudulently fabricated.

We are being attacked by plastic compounds leaching into our food and into our bodies from the environment. We are being harrassed by food additives and genetically altered produce. We are being attacked by chemicals in our environment that we can't see, taste or smell. We are being assaulted by toxins in the air that we just don't recognize because they're not visible. We are being sickened by pharmaceutical drugs we're told will cure us of our ills when in fact they will kill us slowly. We are being inundated with foul chemicals that are altering our physical make-up and causing long term effects that today we refer to as diseases and we consider them normal, common, expected. Side-effects aren't side-effects at all; they are THE effects of drugs and we're lulled into believing they're unimportant.

The constant siege we're under is exposing us to gene and cell altering substances and we are getting sick. Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimers, Dementia, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Cancers, all related to our environment in one way or another and no one cares. We are born, we attend school, we work and we die and we die young from preventable disease.

We are the enemy and they are attacking us at every juncture.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chapter 12: Primed For A War Economy

While Americans are primed with a plethora of subtle and insidious chemical toxins and intoxicants, genetically altering compounds and disease causing substances we're also being primed for eternal war.

These wars won't be as apparent, as media hyped, as prevalent in our lives as Vietnam or World War II were. These will be quiet wars that take innocent but vocal lives. The machine of Imperial domination, with the oil of our hard earned taxes, operates even while we sleep with complete and total impunity.

We're being inundated with chemicals that are altering not only our ability to think clearly, we are no longer percipient, but these chemicals have a distinctive effect on the human ability to feel and react to empathy. We are apathetic. We just don't care, even if we communicate verbally that we do. Our actions display that we don't.

It isn't an easy task to understand war unless we're actually there, doing the fighting, killing the perceived enemy. The soldiers, our young spirited boys and girls that we propagandize into killing then return with a new perspective that we can only view as an outsider. But they know. They feel the heartache, the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as it's labeled. That label is deceiving. What they're feeling, what they're experiencing, the disease they have isn't really a disease at all. It's what happens to a human being when he's taken lives in the bloody manner we call war.

Our society, over the past 20 years or so, has been primed to accept war. And that we do. Even though the taking of many innocent lives still equates to the taking of many individual lives. Each one as important as our own lives. We somehow justify their deaths as necessary for peace. War is the mass murder of individual human beings justified by calling it war.

Yes, the inmates are running the asylum and they're gone madder than mad. It's a truly frightening revelation, man's inhumanity to man.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chapter 11: Expansion

As the billions of people in the developing world slowly improve their living standards the globe will be stressed to provide the resources for all of them to continue to maintain electrical grids, sewage, public transportation and other infrastructures. Most of this limited and very slow expansion is taking place in India and China. Some in Pakistan and some in South American countries. It's occurring globally and as it occurs resources will be stressed. While the west crumbles the rest of the world prospers.

As resources dwindle and the elite's power base in energy diminishes and then vanishes the herd mentality will be experiencing dramatic revelations that will inevitably ignite a firestorm of desperately needed change. While 2010 may signal the very beginning of the beginning of a revolution we may have to wait until 2050 or even longer for a fully aware public to begin the process of implementing that desperately needed government overhaul.

Expansion means eventual resource depletion since all of our earthly resources are finite. Man is the only animal in the kingdom capable of exterminating himself through resource depletion and even evolution can't keep pace with the rate at which we deplete the planets resources. We won't evolve beyond our frivolous use of the planets riches.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chapter 10: The "News"

The news today, any channel, any station, is so severely biased that it borders on propaganda and, well, it probably is to a great degree.

How ANYONE can watch television and consider themselves well educated regarding global events is just beyond me.

In fact, Newsweek, Time and ALL of the printed media in the United States works as the mouthpiece of the global corporate/military/banking complex. Finding the real news requires an internet connection but it requires more. It requires the desire to know and the willingness to devote the time necessary to read through the garbage and find the bits of truth in the minefield of lies.

Even when the news presents itself locally, the good and the bad, unforgettable crimes and do-gooders that make you smile, it still presents a biased perception of what our society is composed of and leaves the viewer bombarded constantly with fallacious, flawed and groundless concepts of the world we inhabit.

Here's the news; if you still watch television, ever, you're wasting valuable time.

Knowledge is gained by reading and the media presents nothing less than subtle but powerful propaganda. Select your sources carefully and look for several writers of diverse backgrounds with wide ranging ages espousing similar views.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Chapter 9: Globalization - It's All In Their Mines

The word globalization, used to describe what we're told it means, is a scam.

It's a ruse to allow the filthy rich to complete their total control of the dwindling resources, which includes both natural and human resources, on a completely global scale. Natural resources are slowly declining while human needs skyrocket.

There isn't enough wood on the planet to allow China, Africa and India to implement US living standards population-wide.
There isn't enough copper to allow for global populations to have what average Americans, those that aren't homeless, have.
There isn't enough oil, aluminum, tin, nickel, uranium, silver, lead and zinc to provide 21st century living standards to everyone on the globe even now and in 50 years the circumstances will be dramatically worse.
It's likely that eventually there may not be enough arable land.
Eventually there won't be enough land based potable water for all of us.
But most importantly, there isn't enough riches for the elite to share the spoils with the masses.

There are only 300 million of us here in the US but our own existence, the precious American lifestyle as predicted far into the future may be at stake based on the shortages of base materials that is certain to occur sometime in the future though perhaps not within the lifetime of those reading here.

Globalization is the process by which the elite acquire the planets remaining resources in wars, by military means, but also in economic wars which can be even more devastating. America is not the information society she thinks she is and these wars are kept well away from public scrutiny and any meaningful public debate.

Running Out Doesn't Mean Running Out

The increase in prices related to scarcity will mean some materials simply won't be available to the average person; we won't run out but distribution and use will be carefully monitored and controlled due to scarcity. Perhaps petroleum products will be available to government and military personnel while the average citizen has an allotted monthly ration leaving she or he with enough petroleum to make a trip or two to the market while using public transportation for all other excursions each and every week. Whatever the system that society chooses to establish at those points well into the future, one can be certain that affluence will play a large part in determining resource distribution and public access.