Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chapter 11: Expansion

As the billions of people in the developing world slowly improve their living standards the globe will be stressed to provide the resources for all of them to continue to maintain electrical grids, sewage, public transportation and other infrastructures. Most of this limited and very slow expansion is taking place in India and China. Some in Pakistan and some in South American countries. It's occurring globally and as it occurs resources will be stressed. While the west crumbles the rest of the world prospers.

As resources dwindle and the elite's power base in energy diminishes and then vanishes the herd mentality will be experiencing dramatic revelations that will inevitably ignite a firestorm of desperately needed change. While 2010 may signal the very beginning of the beginning of a revolution we may have to wait until 2050 or even longer for a fully aware public to begin the process of implementing that desperately needed government overhaul.

Expansion means eventual resource depletion since all of our earthly resources are finite. Man is the only animal in the kingdom capable of exterminating himself through resource depletion and even evolution can't keep pace with the rate at which we deplete the planets resources. We won't evolve beyond our frivolous use of the planets riches.

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