Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chapter 8: A Culture Of Entropy

We have been taught that our universe operates on entropy. All resources are finite. While some resources may actually be finite, man-made resources such as food and health care are not finite at all. Money or financial resources are also not finite.

We are being conditioned to understand that health care needs to be logically rationed, expenses need to be cut. Education, Social Security, Medicare and Government social services need to experience budgetary cuts. Costs to administer police forces, libraries and spending on senior services and the disabled needs to be reigned in.

People have accepted the idea of an entropic world view, which says there are limited resources, limited space, overpopulation, and the need for rationing of health care. All of this is the essence of fascist ideology. The real laws of the universe are anti-entropic.

But 12 trillion dollars for the banks was found. And the money to support continued Imperialism or the war on terror will always be forthcoming.

We are being fully programmed and persuaded to fall in line like little soldiers and accept whatever few crumbs the elite decide to allow us.

Society has accepted entropy.

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