Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chapter 13: World War 3

I used to think it wouldn't happen in my lifetime. Then I looked around and realized it's been happening throughout my lifetime.

It's an insidious war unlike all previous wars. it isn't seen, it isn't heard, it isn't felt. The war is called Autogenocide and we are the enemy, ALL of us.

Combining food additives, environmental chemical toxins, depleted uranium, military detritus, industrial waste and pollution and everything considered waste that 21st Century Capitalism produces, they are at war with us. And I'll tell you, we're losing.

Americans are clueless. Today Dr. Scott Ruben, an ex-Pfizer Pharmaceuticals researcher plead guilty to faking dozens of research studies that were placed in peer reviewed medical journals in support of pharmaceuticals developed by Pfizer and approved by the FDA. Ten scientific papers and 21 articles that we know of were fraudulently fabricated.

We are being attacked by plastic compounds leaching into our food and into our bodies from the environment. We are being harrassed by food additives and genetically altered produce. We are being attacked by chemicals in our environment that we can't see, taste or smell. We are being assaulted by toxins in the air that we just don't recognize because they're not visible. We are being sickened by pharmaceutical drugs we're told will cure us of our ills when in fact they will kill us slowly. We are being inundated with foul chemicals that are altering our physical make-up and causing long term effects that today we refer to as diseases and we consider them normal, common, expected. Side-effects aren't side-effects at all; they are THE effects of drugs and we're lulled into believing they're unimportant.

The constant siege we're under is exposing us to gene and cell altering substances and we are getting sick. Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimers, Dementia, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Cancers, all related to our environment in one way or another and no one cares. We are born, we attend school, we work and we die and we die young from preventable disease.

We are the enemy and they are attacking us at every juncture.

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