Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chapter 14: War

War In Afghanistan

more about "Probes overlook McChrystal's role in ...", posted with vodpod


  1. Jeff your profile is funny..."and what are they eating?"
    Yesterday I went out to lunch with someone who ordered bean sprouts on their sandwich. I remembered I use to always have bean sprouts on my sandwiches and honey in my coffee, what happened to me? Well I don't find those 'hippie' restaurants anymore for one thing. Whole foods was "cool" and now I am too busy for cool.
    But I am getting back to cool. The world is out to kill me with garbage food, drinks, TV, news, credit cards, wars and lies lies lies. Yes, we were a nice generation. We shared and cared and we were gosh darn friendly! I guess it really is 1984...